This girl can 🌀

This time last year I was “faithing it” till I made it. Teaching group exercise but fearful of actually exercising myself because I literally only had enough energy to make it through the day, and show up as best I could.

I was okay with this as I was trusting myself to get to the other side of my menopause transition and let everything calm down.

Then came lockdown and life stopped being so busy and I started walking every day and found complete joy in this emersion in nature, a slower pace and the stillness in my life, but still I didn’t feel able to do anything more than walk or cycle for fear of breaking.

At the end of last year I decided it was time to hang up my plimsolls snd was able to let go of feeling fraudulent as despite teaching the benefits of exercise I personally couldn’t exercise in the way I used to love.

Then I got smart and thanks to networking I met Jolanta A Addicott The Holistic Pharmacist and decided I needed to know my numbers snd check that what I thought was going on was actually what was happening. So I had my DUTCH test and there it was in black in white – my cortisol was tanked, I was completely flatlined, no get up and go what so ever. Now I had answers and also Jolanta was able to prescribe me a few tweaks to my diet and supplement regime – within days I was feeling more me and now 5 months later I’m feeling more me than I have done for years.

This week was a big week in the journey back home to me – not only did I have my 2nd PT session this week BUT I also cycled there! MILESTONE DAY!

Now don’t worry all you Menopause Rockstars I’m not about to jump back into crazy amounts of exercise – I’m making friends with me again and learning to trust my body and mind and it’s feeling good!

So if this sounds like you then know you are heard and that you are HELD – come and join my Facebook group where we will be holding regular catch ups from June and connect with Jolanta here  to know your numbers too!

lots of random coloured numbers


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