About Mairi


Menopause & Menstruality Mentor


Having navigated the last 10 years I’ve seen not only myself but my business evolve, transform and metamorphose as I found my way back home to me powered by crystals, oils, juice and cacao and if I can support just one woman to get there earlier than me then I will be one happy Menopause Rockstar.

To be honest I’ve become the woman I would have run away from 4 years ago and I love her.

I’m Mairi founder of FABfitness, Essentially FABulous, Mairi Taylor Education a Menopause Rockstar & Plant Power Enthusiast and it’s my mission as I enter my post menopausal years to empower and educate women to come home to themselves.

I believe in educating and empowering others so that they can lead themselves back to health, wellbeing and VA VA VOOM.

With over 20 years in the corporate world and 18 plus in wellbeing I’ve found my happy with a shoulder pad on one side and a butterfly wing on the other.

What does this mean for you? It means I have found a way to bring my two worlds together to combine the pragmatist with my inner alchemist and flower child with a rock’n’roll heart. I can share the science, debate the theories, empower you to trust your intuition and educate you to be your own wellbeing detective so create your own personal Essentially FABulous life.

A Home Economist, ex Human Resource Manager, Pilates and Pelvic floor specialist, Kettlercise ® instructor, Women’s Health Coach specialising in hormonal wellbeing, Biomechanics Coach, Juice Therapist and Aromatherapist as well as a dōTERRA® Educator and Wellness Advocate I am defiantly myself (a reformed people pleaser) and have found my brave, blending all I know to create a unique experience for you whenever and wherever you are in your personal lifecycle.

Why do I do what I do?

Everything I do is in loving memory of my naughty little sister who first introduced me to plant power, my mummy who taught me to be independent & had a passion for plants giving me my first corner of garden, and my daddy who told me I had the gift of the gab and would be able to talk my way into trouble and back out of it again.

I’m here to tell you that your history does not have to be your destiny and that you can influence and change your wellbeing story.

My sister died 23 years after adventuring with cancer, and at that point in my life having just turned 30 I decided that I was going to step up and do something I had always wanted to do. Growing up always loved aerobics classes and going to the gym and my motivation was always to control my body rather than enjoy it.

Shortly after Sarah’s death I was attending Leisure Industry Week, and at that time I was an HR Manager for a chain of top end Health Clubs, and after hearing one of the talks I walked out of the room and signed up to become a Group Exercise Teacher – why because I was frustrated by the front row groupies, the instructors who couldn’t see past the front row and didn’t offer any coaching or encouragement to the back row exercisers. So now I would have the opportunity to inspire and encourage everyone to get moving.

Over the years I’ve added to and taken away what I offer BUT the biggest change has been the move away from the punishment to nourishment mindset and focusing more on the inside and mindset rather than the skinny jeans and fake tan  – now don’t get me wrong I still love my skinny jeans and there’s nothing wrong with a fake tan, it’s simply not the priority and focus anymore.

Plus having been surrounded by disease I know my health and vitality is my number one priority as I refuse to be told that my age is my cage.


Of course I have an abundance of qualifications under my belt, and you can see them here: