This morning we were asked to set an intention for the week and the words “inspired action” came to mind & so that is my intention along with my personal mantra for the week

“I am a vibrant being, living a magical life”.

I’ll use these intentions & mantras to be my pilot light & inner compass for the week.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m feeling like I’ve been going through a bit of a rebirth since the start of this year & with my 55th birthday just around the corner it’s time to “deliver”. Like many the last few years have had me questioning everything & so I’ve taken my time to really connect with who I am & what I’m about.

One thing that has never wavered is that I’m passionate about supporting & empowering women through their midlife, helping us all to change the narrative we have been force fed so that we truly do lead magical and inspired lives.

I’ve been in the menopause space for over 7 years now, sharing & showing how to navigate this time of life, which is despite the narrative a normal & natural phase of a woman’s life cycle – although I know for many it feels anything but – with education, & natural solutions to enhance & support the midlife lifestyle.

Again I am not adverse to the other alternatives that many women choose, I simply know that even with HRT a re-evaluation of lifestyle will create an even smoother transition to the other side.

So here I stand on the other side & gosh have I learned a lot about the impact of mind set, environment (internal & external) & releasing any past trauma. I used to think that it was just about the physical changes & how to “manage them”. I know know it’s about the emotional, mental & spiritual changes too & that until you make peace with all of you you will continue to enjoy a white knuckle ride rather than a gentle swap over.

Don’t get me wrong my journey has been anything but smooth & there have certainly been many white knuckle moments because I’m still learning how to retire SuperWoman, to create loving boundaries & to live a life with more ease & grace. So every white knuckle moment I see as an opportunity to “PULL OVER” & evaluate what is going on – just like the red light on a dashboard I see these moments as by body shouting at e to pull over – hot flush – am I balancing my blood sugar?, low energy – how are my boundaries?, poor sleep – blood sugar balance, hydration, stress?

So many things in the mix no wonder it all feels so overwhelming and confusing but one thing I do know is it’s not about powering through, it’s about pulling over & checking under the bonnet & this is why I’ve now chosen to support in the way I do: Cacao Ceremonies, Gather the Women Sister Circles, The Calling, Aromatherapy & Womb Connection treatments are all opportunities to get quiet, listen, connect, release & find a more graceful way through this thing called life, & of course I sprinkle in my 10 plus years of fitness, biomechanics, hormones, juicing -all the things. Because when we take the time to stop, pull over, release, recharge & replenish we truly can be the vibrant, magical beings we came here to be.Ready to work with me & get your VITALITY back then simply DM or leave a comment below…….Because even though your journey is not the same as mine whilst we walk on the same path allow me to encourage & inspire you.

me dancing into my vitality


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