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I started creating my lava bead crystal bracelets as a way to bring some creativity back into my life, and whilst I do not pretend in any shape or form to be a crystal healer or truly understand the magic and the benefits that the wisdom of these crystals bring to our lives the very act of creating them brings me so much joy that I can’t not share them with you.

So allow your intuition to guide you or the words, the colours or even the essential oils that I’ve partnered with them and gift yourself the opportunity to bring a little bit of bling and sparkle into your life that is going to support your emotional wellbeing too.


If you would like a bespoke bracelet made, please contact me directly to give me details on what you require. You may also want to add particular oils to your order to support your wellbeing further. These make a wonderful gift for yourself or others in your life.

Size Guideline:

  • extra small: 6.5″
  • small: 7″
  • medium: 7.5″
  • large: 8′
  • extra large: 9″
  • men: 9″


If larger required please let me know when you contact me directly.

Bespoke Bracelets

Let Mairi create a personalised crystal bracelet or necklace for you. Get in touch to get started.