I’m 55 in 4 weeks time, safely on the other side of my Menopause transition and I have never felt more like ME, the ME I came here to be, fully embracing the shape shifting Goddess that is the Gemini Woman, balanced & calm allowing my intuition to guide me.

Many people find my natural ability to continually reinvent myself with the seasons and cycles of my life difficult to be around and for that I no longer apologise as this is me and as I step into my 55th year I am finally free to be me, and let my light shine so that those who need me can find their way home too.

It’s been a wonderful, empowering journey to get here and the work that I now share:

Cacao Ceremonies

Gather the Women

Dance into your Power

The Calling

Essential Oils

Is me simply sharing all the wonderful tools that have got me here, the tools that have enabled me to retire SuperWoman, step off the burnout merry go round and find a place where I can show up as me without guilt, shame or fear of not being liked.

The Menopause transition is an intersting & challenging time and for me it is now so much more than just your physical wellbeing. Your mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing also need to be nourished BUT more importantly you need to find YOUR VOICE and learn how to advocate for yourself.

HRT is an answer BUT it’s not the only answer & many women are now feeling a failure because they can’t take it, don’t want to take it or have taken it and it hasn’t worked for them so where are they left? There are other solutions out there and of course you can work with a combination of HRT & lifestyle interventions to be the best version of yourself. And now of course we are being placed in a scarcity mindset with the shortages and thank goodness for the wonderful women advocating & shouting about this, and we should all be shouting because whatever your stance it is totally unacceptable that a solution that can support half the population is in shortage. NO woman deserves to feel as if the rug has been pulled from under her feet because of a natural function of our bodies.

It’s not women’s bodies that are letting us down, it’s the system that is letting us down, it’s the lack of education, it’s the lack of conversation, it’s the shame and embarrassment that is passed down about being a woman that is letting us down. We are not small men, we have a monthly, seasonal and life cycle, we have powerful energies that ebb and flow & need to be understood and honoured so that we can be the amazing and powerful beings we came here to be.

I chose to work with my body & mindset to navigate my transition, it wasn’t easy, I had to learn to surrender, to unpack the boxes, to re-evaluate my whole lifestyle BUT I’ve made it and you can too. So please reach out & connect and if I’m not your woman I know 100’s of women who could be. It’s time to change the narrative and we are the generation to do this!

me at the gym

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