MY Menopause Story

I’ve sat for a whilst wondering just when my menopause started?

Hi I’m Mairi Taylor aka The Menopause RockStar & I’m here to shine my light so that others can find their way home too!

So just when did my story start?

Was it as a teenager listening to Simon & Garfunkel to help me sleep as my mother screamed at my alcoholic father?

Was it when my sister died age 28 of Cancer and I’d just turned 30?

Was it when the Optician told me age 38 that by age 40 my eyes would have deteriorated and I’d need Varifocals? – how rude! How dare anyone tell me what my body was going to do at a certain age – there was a HUGE incentive there to prove them wrong (they were right – sometimes you can’t beat your genetics, but you can make lifestyle choices about a whole host of other ageing prophecies!

Was it in 2016 when I successfully completed my CPD in Women’s Health & Nutrition and launched my workshops to educate & empower other women?

Was it the afternoon in November 2018 that I decided my partner deserved more than to come home to a woman who couldn’t even summon the energy to wash each day, or eat a meal, who was faking it till she could make it, despite having studied & got a few qualifications in Women’s Health through Peri-menopause, Menopause & beyond. I didn’t recognise this as a symptom!

Was it the day in February 2018 aged 50 when I had my first hot flush after running a hugely successful workshop on how to Rock your Menopause – oh the irony – & YES I was Mrs Smug McSmug up until that point – I truly thought I had been rocking it, and now I got to walk my talk.

Was it the day in November 2018 aged 51 (birthday is June) that my good friend shared her cancer diagnosis with me in the same month that I had my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis confirmed & I felt my world shrink around me BUT still I kept going & kept stuffing the emotions down, only for them to escape in moments of extreme anger and rage?

Was it summer 2020 when I hit that one year no menses or summer 2021 when I hit the two year mark, my mother’s husband died and I started to truly do the work through my One of Many Coaching practice, Cacao in one hand, covered in essential oils & finding myself face down in a room with other women dancing around me as Cacao invited me to finally surrender and let go of every hurt, trauma and story that was no longer serving me?

Or was it when I finally let my freak fairy fly age 53 & allowed myself to come home to me?

Was it September 2021 when I discovered I was born out of wedlock and that I had been living my life to someone else’s values & beliefs system & I now could set myself free of the people pleasing good girl?

Whenever my story started what I know for sure is that I’ve never been afraid of menopause or ageing because for me “getting older is a privilege denied many, and ageing is a choice” & I’m no longer apologising for this being my stance, & simply whispering on the side lines.

So despite understanding the physiological changes and being fully prepared for them no one had told me or explained to me the impact of emotional trauma & stress on your menopause transition, this I had to work out & discover for myself, & read in an article when I said to myself “this is me”. My sister had invited my mum and I to do this work over 25 years ago as part of her Cancer journey, but both me and my mum said NO the lid was firmly on that box & we didn’t want to open it – but oh how WISE my naughty little sister was & like all my natural solutions I have been guided by my sister throughout to find my way home, doing the work, releasing the trauma, the anger & any other emotions & stories that no longer served me. I thought menopause was about hormones I now know it’s about so much more and just like Dr Christiane Northrup says you need to go to the attic and the basement and unpack the boxes otherwise you will be carry that “shit” (my words) around with you for the rest of your life.

It is now my mission to be “that” older sister that many women may be missing, the older sister who gifts you tough love, holds up the mirror, shares her wisdom & also holds you when you need holding, or goes wild with you in the wild when you need too, so that you too can find your way home.

I do this through Cacao, Coaching, Connection and sharing those natural solutions that can gently help you peel away the layers to let your freak fairy fly!

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