Beltane Blessings…

May Day and l’m kicking this month off powered by cacao oils and juice literally that is what I’ll be consuming for a week.

Yes it’s been a whilst but I actually feel ready physically, emotionally and mentally for a 7 day juice programme

Even though I drink juice every day just like so many of us and despite my declaration at the start of lockdown 2020 that I was going to get super fit and lose some weight I actually ended up deep diving and cleansing my emotional, mental and spiritual self as I walked my way through 2020.

So now I feel ready for a little reset and to give my digestive system a little rest as I nourish every cell and flood it with all the goodness from my juices. Over the last few years I’ve allowed myself to be free of “food rules” but now I’m firmly on the other side of menopause it’s time to find a new rhythm and rhyme for my body so that I can live my live with ease and grace and a whole lot of VA VA VOOM.

I’ll be having 5 juices a day plus wheatgrass shots and an immune supporting juice, as well as warm water and lemon. Plus if I feel I’m getting too cold I can warm a few of the veggie ones in my thermomix to 40° so I keep all the nutrients and enzymes active. This is one of the biggest benefits of drinking fresh juice you get to top up your system with all these body beneficial goodies.

I’ll also be starting each day with my cacao Oh My Goddess Ceremonial Cacao and Spirit Dance with Radiant Woman Training, So YES cacao is allowed on my juice programmes as it’s my programme and at 54 I think I’m old enough and wise enough to dance to my own tune.

Personally I’ll just be walking through this week with a little outdoor swim and hoop session at the end of the week and will be monitoring my energy, mood and sleep and adapting if necessary. I have no need or desire to over train and this week I’m following a modality I learned from Dr Jade Teta Metabolic Effect eat less/exercise less – it’s one of the toggles he shares for working flexibly with your metabolism.

The end of this week sees me starting my Gather the Women facilitator training with A Woman’s Blessing so it feels right to be doing some internal Spring Cleaning and giving my own personal eco system a little weeding

I’m seeing this as such a positive step in my personal journey home to me and the releasing of the grief and fear that I’ve been holding in my body for so long. For so long I just knew even attempting something like this would “break me” and I’ve come to learn it’s so important to be mentally ready and do the preparation before jumping in zero to hero. I spent the last week reducing sugar and snacks and that’s helped me get ready for this week as my gut bacteria (yes it’s your gut bacteria that shout for the sugar) were screaming last Saturday – even Dan said you need some sugar – but we’ve made it through!

It’s good to be putting my juice therapy knowledge back in action, and trust me I have heard everything negative that can be said about juicing, and that is why I will be connecting in and listening to my own body and adapting as required, so that I can be my own detective  A’ho

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