Mairi Taylor Coaching

I am delighted to have launched “The Calling” in October 2021 my Small Group Coaching, because when women come together magic happens.

I will be guiding & coaching you through a 6 month programme to  bring you home, enabling you to show up without burning out, and as the Woman you need you to be.

We will take the time to explore & fully embody the Women’s PowerTypes so that we can lead the fulfilling lives we want to lead.

This is a power grounded in collaboration, not competition.

A power of co-operation not coercion.

A power centred in replenishment rather than depletion.

Small group 6 Women Gathering to support each other through 10 x 90 minute guided sessions. Each Woman will have a personal 90 minute 121 at the start and end of the programme and then gather for 10 sessions every fortnight sharing tools, resources, insights and shares to embody the One of Many Women’s PowerTypes (see below) so that you improve your self care, step into your personal power, learn how to set boundaries & batch your tasks to match your energy.

As a Woman’s Wellbeing Coach we will also work with your female cycle & help you navigate your perimenopause & menopause & beyond, and for the 6 months you will have access to my knowledge & wisdom in all aspects of women’s wellbeing.

This truly is the ultimate Woman’s Coaching Programme so that you can retreat, replenish, reset & rewrite your story as you step into your next chapter with confidence, competence & commitment to you, your dreams & your goals.

Personal Investment: £888.00

Pay a £100:00 non refundable deposit before the 31st December 2021 & secure your space on the Spring or Autumn 2022 Calling & save yourself £111:00 as your personal investment will then be £777.00, balance can be paid in instalments.

please contact me to find out more …

Investment £888.00 for 6 months of personal development.& a private membership group to support you, see you, hear you & hold you as you traverse your midlife.

We start March 14th 2022 for the Spring Programme & 26th September 2022 for the Autumn Programme there is the option to pay in instalments – simply contact me to find out more.

You will receive a Divine Spoil Yourself Gift Box to set you up for your journey home to you.

Dates for Spring 2022

1st March-11th March Personal 2 hour 121

14th March session 1

28th March session 2

11th April session 3

25th April session 4

9th May session 5

23rd May session 6

8th June session 7 (a Wednesday)

20th June session 8

4th July session 9

18th July session 10

19th-31st July personal 2 hour 121


Dates for Autumn 2022

12th September-23rd September Personal 2 hour 121

26th September session 1

10th October session 2

24th October session 3

7th November session 4

21st November session 5

5th December session 6

19th December session 7 

3rd January session 8 (a Tuesday)

16th Jan session 9

30th Jan session 10

31sJan-10th Feb personal 2 hour 121


Introducing the One of Many Power Types:


ANY WOMAN who is ready to retreat, replenish, reset & recognise the changes she needs & wants to make so that she can show up as the Woman she needs to be.


£888 for the 6 months.
£100:00 deposit paid before 31st December 2021 & your investment will be £777:00 saving you £111:00 & balance can be paid in instalments to suit.


You can book by clicking the button below to get in touch with Mairi: