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A Small Group Mentoring  program “The Calling”, has been described as life changing, “the best investment I’ve made in myself”, because when we make time for ourselves magic truly happens.

Season ‘23 of The Calling is Live 🌀
For those women ready to shine their light again , because their light has dimmed & they feel unseen🌀
For those women who are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired & are longing to be HELD 😴
For those women who need the strength to set their boundaries so that they can say “NO thank you not for me” when they keep saying YES from a place of martyr & victim 🙏🏻
For those women who have forgotten what it feels like to be a sensual & sexual being ❤️
For those women in desperate need of magic & miracles in their everyday so that life stops feeling so damn hard 💫
For those women who have so much they wish to achieve but are feeling so burned out & overwhelmed their get up & go has got up & gone ☄️
For those women always giving to others & feeling disrespected & unseen 💥
For those women full of ideas & with unfulfilled desires that need to be heard 🤫
For those women who are hearing The Calling to come back home to themselves, to release the shackles that are holding them down & holding them back, to reconnect with their body wisdom, to find a tribe of magic & mischief makers, who need practical tools as well as a little bit of magic & woo so that they can fully embrace the woman they are & step into the woman they came here to be 🙌🏻
We gather at Autumn 🍂 Equinox for 6 months of deep diving into cyclical living, SoftPower, collaboration, connection, untangling & unbecoming so that at Spring Equinox 2024 you can emerge with a greater sense of self, stronger boundaries, better balance, clearer purpose & lighter in your body, mind & soul 🌀💫⭕️
Ready to move from frazzled to FABULOUS then come & join me & other like minded women ready to reclaim themselves so that they can move forward with more ease & grace, a greater sense of worth & a whole lot of VA VA VOOM🌀


I will be guiding & mentoring you through a beautiful, insightful, thought provoking 6 month programme to  bring you home to you. Empowering you to show up without burning out, guilt free & as the Woman you deserve to be.

You will leave with new found confidence, friendships & a  “tote bag” full of tools, practical tips & resources for you to call on, whenever you need them. This is about doing the work to set yourself free. It’s time to stop running & come home to YOU!

We will work from Autumn Equinox 2023 to Spring Equinox 2024

Between the Equinoxes (Autumn to Spring) we will take the time to explore & fully embody the Women’s PowerTypes (see below) so that you can create the fulfilling life you want to lead, working with the seasons to harness their power & guidance. 

It’s time to come home to cyclical living & being in tune with your body & nature.

It’s time to come home to YOUR power to be grounded in collaboration rather than competition.

It’s time to come home to the power of co-operation over coercion.

It’s time to come home to YOUR power being centred in replenishment rather than depletion.

This truly is the ultimate Woman’s Transformational Programme so that you can retreat, replenish, reset & rewrite your story as you step into your next chapter with confidence, competence & commitment to you, your dreams & your goals.

Small group 6 Women Gathering to support each other through 12 x 2 hour guided sessions. Each Woman will have a personal 90 minute 121 at the start and end of the programme and then gather for 12 sessions every fortnight sharing tools, resources, insights and shares to embody the One of Many Women’s PowerTypes (see below) so that you improve your self care, step into your personal power, learn how to set boundaries & batch your tasks to match your energy. This is a journey for you, time for you, just for you. You can also book a personal 60 minute 121 through the 6 months at a cost of £56:00 as often you need them.

We will also have an opening & closing ceremony with Cacao, Sprit Dance & Sister Circle.

As a Menopause & Menstruality Mentor we will also work with your female cycle & help you navigate your perimenopause & menopause & beyond, and for the 6 months you will have access to my knowledge & wisdom in all aspects of women’s wellbeing

Personal Investment:  £888.88                                            

Pay a £288:88 non refundable deposit to secure your place NOW  & then spread the remaining balance over the 6 months of The Calling.

£100:00 a month from October 2023- March 2024

please contact me to find out more & agree your payment plan… 

Investment £888.88, for 6 months of personal development & a private membership group to support you, see you, hear you & hold you as you traverse your midlife.

We start  Monday the 25th September 2023 

You will receive a Divine Spoil Yourself Gift Box to set you up for your journey home to you.

Dates for Autumn 2023

26th September Opening Ceremony 7:00pm-9:00pm

27th-8th October Personal 121 to be booked

All following sessions are at  7:00-9:00pm.

9th October session 1  – Cyclical Living & Cycle of Creation

23rd October session 2 – Needs Creed

6th November session 3 – Trigger Tracking & Disempowering Archetypes

20th November session 4 – Mother Soft Power Type

4th December session 5 – Queen SoftPower Type

18th December session 6 – Sorceress SoftPower Type

8th January session 7 2024 – Warrioress SoftPower Type

22nd Jan session 8 – Lover SoftPower Type

5th Feb session 9 – Review SoftPower Archetypes & Cyclical Living

19th Feb session 10 – SoftPower Planning

4th March session 11 – Conscious Network Design & Integrating Women’s PowerTypes

18th March session 12 & Closing Ceremony

19th March-3rd April personal 121 to be booked

Introducing the One of Many Power Types:


ANY ONE who identifies as a WOMAN who is ready to retreat, replenish, reset & recognise the changes she needs & wants to make so that she can show up as the Person she always new she wanted to be.


£888.88 for the 6 months.
£288.88 initial payment & then you can spread the balance.
Once you have paid your deposit I shall send you a learning contract & you have 14 days to cancel should you decide this is no longer for you.


You can book by clicking the button below to get in touch with Mairi: