Gather The Women

A 22 day immersion to find your way back home to you.

A beautiful invitation to revisit your story as you meet the 3 aspects of yourself, gathering ALL of the women you are & creating the opportunity to write your next chapter from a new perspective…

NEXT GATHERING STARTS Monday 31st July 7:30-9:30am & then the 7th, 14th & 21st of August at the same time. 5 spaces avaiable.

Please contact me as I work very intuitively with my bookings & the women who are called to do this work .

Gather the women – a 22 day on-line self honouring:

An opportunity to form a trusting relationship with these aspects;

Each year, we walk into these new phases of our lives blindly which means;

This programme is designed to give meaning to your past, to make peace with it if you need to, appreciate and honour the woman you are now and to create, form and hold dear the woman you are yet to become – over 22 days with a close-knit confidential sisterhood to support you.

This is a deeply personal journey and in that, you will be witnessed in your grounded growth, your sacred healing and your birth-right to thrive by 4 other women, in complete confidence – a trust bond between you all, a safe space for you to speak your truth.

No-one outside of this trusted circle will ever hear what you say – that gives you freedom you may have have never tasted before.


AND all in complete confidence with an on-line sister circle going through this deep journey WITH you and FOR you, PLUS…

This is a re-wiring, a regeneration, a reforming.

In this sacred sister circle you will form a bond with these 3 self-aspects, learn deeply about them and communicate with them – to hold their hands, to gift them what they need and to allow your future self to be your guide, share her wisdom and lay beds of roses as a soft and certain pathway for you to follow.

This immersion will see you re-parenting of you, moving past old family patterns, inviting in fresh energy, clear perspectives, self-love and empowerment.

Price: £250 or pay in 2 instalments of £125

The group is limited to a maximum of 5 women plus your Sister Circle Guide Mairi Taylor 



Any woman of any age who is ready to come home to herself, make peace with girl she used to be, honour & accept who she is right here in the moment, &  ready to be guided by the woman she is yet to become as she steps into the next chapter of her life, having had the opportunity to rewrite her own story.

This is the perfect honouring for those on your Menopausal transition, or approaching a landmark birthday,  facilitating the letting go of what no longer serves you & gifting you the time to be with yourself in ceremony & daily ritual so that you can move forward lighter & with a deeper understanding of yourself.


£250 or two instalments of £125


You can book your space on by clicking on the button below & stating which dates & time slots you want to join: