dōTERRA Oils

I have been partnering with dōTERRA essential oils since July 2016 when they found me in a garden in Leicestershire.

I had already been using essential oils but was completely enthralled by their scent and the impact they had emotionally on myself and my friend on smelling them for the first time.

I could see how they would fit in to my then fitness and wellbeing business but had no idea that within 2 years I would train as an aromatherapist, and that they would be my business, sharing, selling and creating a community of like-minded women looking for natural solutions.

I now utilise these gifts of the earth (as this is what dōTERRA means) to support the women, and their families, who trust their physical and emotional wellbeing to me and the oils.

I have taken all the knowledge I have gained over the years in supporting women’s health and wellbeing and layered the oils through all of this to create lifestyle interventions and treatments that not only smell FABulous they also empower you to feel FABulous too.

dōTERRA Kits

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