Cacao Ceremonies

You are invited to join my divine Cacao Ceremonies

Available both in person and online, private groups and as a personal gift to you

Cacao Ceremonies are a delicious and divine opportunity for connection, reflection and recharge. Harnessing the medicine that is Ceremonial Cacao (chocolate of the highest vibration) Mairi holds space for you through meditation, movement and music as you gift yourself time to step off the merry go round that is life. Cacao is a heart opening and invites you to open up and take the time to honour yourself, filling your cup to overflowing so that you can nourish yourself to be able to step back in and serve and support others from a place of abundance.

Cacao has been used for countless years to help boost mood and in ceremonial events. Now it is your turn to enjoy the benefits.

I have been working with Cacao for quite a few years now when I was introduced to the concept of “raw cacao” whilst doing my juice therapy training in 2012 and it’s basically been a journey since then.

During Lockdown I started attending various ceremonies as part of my own wellbeing and personal development journey as they are so much more than just drinking “hot chocolate” and had the opportunity to attend two training courses and deep dive with this beautiful heart medicine, because that is what she is for me and so many others who drink her daily, and so here I am sharing this delight and pleasure with you…

Beltane cacao blend

The Cacao Priestess

Cacao is the feminine, the priestess, she is wisdom, the womb of mother earth. She is sacred, open and invites channels of communication between you and the realms you cannot see but that you are intricately part of.

She is gentle yet strong, she is energy medicine, an intuition opener, she is the spirit of the heart.

She will beckon the feminine in you, she will encourage your inner strength, she will invite balance, inner stillness and unwavering knowing.

She will hold your hand as she shows you the gem encrusted pathways that weave through the essence of you.

She will remind you of the deepest of rivers and streams that run throughout your consciousness.

She will commune with you on the ledges of the deep canyons that time, experience and lifetimes of knowledge have carved in your soul.

She will breathe with you as you sit on the rocks watching the glistening waters of your dreams and thoughts go by.

You will find a scared place inside you with Cacao a place where your answers lay, where your wisdom flows and the priestess in you resides.

Cacao will hold space for you while you find your Self.

Lynette Allen HELD

So why drink ceremonial cacao?

I have borrowed these words from Radiant Woman Andrea Jackson my Cacao Priestess, Medicine Carrier and Guide.

Using intention, quiet time and meditation to work on yourself to find and maintain peace in a chaotic world is how and why you might drink Cacao and hold space for yourself. 

Cacao has incredible healing properties and is very nutritious, don’t get it confused with coco powder or hot chocolate – ceremonial cacao is raw chocolate without all the vegetables oils and sugar we see put into processed chocolate.

It is the purest form of Cacao and you’ll need to source it ethically. You won’t find Ceremonial Cacao in powder form as ceremonial cacao has all the original healthy wonderful fats still in it and so it will come as a solid – usually a block and you will shave off what you need with a sharp knife to prepare it. Whilst preparing you could sing or dance to create a  whole experience and connection with cacao.

You will need a pen for journaling, and comfortable clothing for some movement, which is suitable for everyone.

Don’t worry if you don’t have ceremonial cacao you can still attend with a warm nourishing drink, or you have the option to pay a little extra to be sent Cacao for use during the ceremony.


ANYONE – A chance to pause, breath, smile with the heart opening properties of cacao, whilst I guide you through meditations, movement and mindful moments for you.

If you have a heart condition and are on antidepressants please contact me to discuss before booking a Ceremony.

Source your Cacao here from one of these beautiful sources or I can send you a sample when you book to join us.


I am also available for private events and one-to-one Ceremonies so simply message me to find out more.


On line  Essentially Cacao Ceremony (if you have your own Cacao)  £24.24
Essentially Cacao Ceremony (if you would like Cacao delivered to you before the ceremony) £28.28
In person Essentially Cacao Ceremony  £31.31
Private ceremony personally crafted for you £111.11

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