Elevation is a new offering from Katrina Berry and Mairi Taylor is designed to elevate your frequency. This is an in person event takes place in Seagrave, Loughborough.

In the words of Nikola Tesla;

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

According to quantum physics, every cell of your body is made up of small pieces of vibrating matter joined together by magnetic forces. When exposed to healing practices and sounds we can optimise the frequency and vibration of your body which brings physical, emotional and spiritual enhancement.


Elevation takes place at:

Seagrave Memorial Hall, Green Lane, Seagrave LE12 7LU.

There is plenty of parking outside the hall and we have the building to ourselves.

The doors will open at 7pm and we will begin at 7.15pm so do please come for 7pm so you have time to settle in and get comfy. We will conclude at 9.30pm.


We’ll come together, tune out the ‘every day’ and leave the week behind.

We will drink cacao, an ancient superfood with nutritional and mood enhancing qualities.

With eyes closed we will move our bodies to a specially curated soundtrack (the invitation is to bring an eye mask so you can really go within).

Transform and explore…. Expand your consciousness…. Feel more liberated in your mind and body…. Honour yourself… be creative…. be free… be still…. rest…. whatever you need.

We will then sink into the nourishing comfort of a sound bath and let the gongs, singing bowls and other therapeutic instruments resonate throughout our minds and bodies.


We’ll provide yoga mats but you’re welcome to bring another to double up.

Wear comfortable clothing you can move around in and snuggly blankets / cushions to sink into.

We encourage you to wear an eye mask for the movement but again it’s whatever is comfortable for you.

Bring some drinking water and you might like to bring a pen and journal in case inspiration strikes!


Drinking ceremonial cacao is not suitable for those with high blood pressure or those taking anti depressant, anti psychotic or heart medications.

Please let us know asap if this includes you; we will prepare a beautiful ceremonial tea for you to join in the experience.

Mairi prepares the cacao with water, plant milk and cinnamon – if you have allergy or dietary concerns please let us know and we will cater accordingly.

I want to book Elevation, what do I do next?

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