Essentially FABulous is my opportunity to support your emotional and physical wellbeing, through essential oils, the healing power of touch and time for you. 

Couch time is time for you where you can choose between a 60 or 90 minute experience to nourish every cell of your body. After an initial consultation I will create a bespoke blend for your needs and offer you a massage treatment that will bring your body and mind back in to balance. Please click on the link and choose your massage time, I will then contact you to find out what time you want and what your needs are.  

If it is your first appointment please download and complete the consultation form and bring it with you. 

Living an Essentially FABulous life: 

I have created an online community on Facebook:

For anyone who is looking to be part of a community that is on the same page and gets my flower child with a rock’n’roll heart vibe. 

An Essentially FABulous Life is where you are empowered and enlightened to harness all of the “essentials” to support your physical and emotional wellbeing – to stand in your own power and dance to the beat of your own drum.  

Book a complimentary 20 minute no obligation CONSULTATION CALL to see how I can help you.