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I love to talk, a gift my father recognised and praised me for and teachers often bemoaned. I spent almost 20 years educating others in my corporate life finishing this chapter as the Learning and Development Section Manager for Toyota, a role I loved but this butterfly was ready to fly free.

I am now delighted that I can still utilise this skill set and knowledge but using my passion for wellbeing and hormonal health by providing in house workshops for your business or by you attending one of my workshops locally here in Leicester or if you want to get a group of friends or colleagues together I can and have travelled all round the country delivering my Happy Healthy Hormones workshop.

Happy Healthy Hormones workshop

If you are a woman who is ready to feel empowered in her own body where ever you are in your lifecycle, teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond then come and join us.

In this fun and informative workshop we talk about the four phases of the female cycle, how to work with our flow and understand the physical and physiological changes through the month and how to harness our female power at each stage through supporting the hormonal flow. 

We discuss the foods that will benefit us at each stage, the exercise and also look at which essential oils could support us- bringing in all aspects of plant power. Once we understand the cycle we go on to look at the changes that occur at menopause and how to support this transformational phase of a woman’s life cycle through lifestyle interventions.

Basically we talk periods, poop and PMS and empower you to know and understand your body better – what woman wouldn’t want to know this?

And I’m sure a few men too!


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