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Don’t keep Mairi to yourself, for those of you who have enjoyed and benefitted from working with Mairi please let others know so that they can benefit too! After all we all deserve to be powered by crystals, oils and juice!

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  1. I have just completed the Gather the Women March 23 group.

    Such as wonderful gift to myself to be supported and guided by Mairi during this 22day small group immersion where we explored the girl I was, the woman I am now and the woman I am yet to become.

    Daily tasks, weekly meetings and the ability to be able to share thoughts, feeling etc help to connect to those 3 aspects of myself and start to unravel limiting beliefs, patterns of disruptive behaviour from a place of curiosity, nurturing and love.

    I discovered so much about myself and why I am repeating patterns in friendships. I feel confident to break these habits and look after myself first – Discovered I was always putting other peoples needs before my own.

    This it the second time I have done this course and would repeat it again in a heartbeat – always so much to learn and discover.

    I am very new to doing this work. For me it is the perfect introduction and a great place to revisit and keep revisiting. I saw things clearer the second time and had a few eureka moments.

    I finished the 22day feeling revitalised, content and ready to explore some more.

    I think every woman needs a little Mairi magic in there lives and would highly recommend finding one of her courses that resonates with you and jumping in.

  2. I’ve just finished Mairi’s first six week programme Dance Into Your Power… and it has been the most amazing 6 weeks

    We’ve danced, laughed, cried and shared and it’s been such an honour to spend the time with 5 other gorgeous women and the fabulous Mairi as our guide and spaceholder.

    The evenings were just the most perfect girl’s night in and I loved working with the SoftPower archetypes and linking in with the moon’s energies with dancing, cacao, meditation, cards, crystals, essential oils and gorgeous plant-based chocolates.

    Inspired was my word for the whole programme and with that in mind, I’ve already booked to work with Mairi on her 6-month Coaching Programme ‘The Calling’

    I’ve said it before, but I feel very blessed to have someone like Mairi in my life as a guide, coach and friend and very much looking forward to being back in The Wee Hoose in September!

    If you are considering joining Mairi on any of her events or programmes – just do it! We all need a bit of Mairi’s rockstar magic in our lives xxx

  3. Wow I don’t really know where to start. Mairi Taylor is a huge inspiration to me – I don’t invest my heart and soul into someone lightly it doesn’t come easy to me to do that – however as soon as I saw her doing her FAB Menopause thing at an online wellbeing day I knew I wanted to reach out to her. That was almost 2 years ago and here I am still an eager student and loyal client, why? because what she offers is truly fabulous and because I trust her completely.

    The Calling was a no brainer for me – it called to me pure and simple. It wasn’t a walk in the park it challenged me (and Mairi does that, she won’t let you off the hook because she cares about your growth and highlights where you need to show up and cut out the rubbish that you feed yourself, metaphorically speaking).

    I expected to learn some new woo woo stuff (can’t get enough of that) but what I didn’t expect was how the soft power types truly highlighted where I needed to grow and change to become the best version of me, radically improve my relationships and invest more truthfully in my health and wellbeing. Something else that surprised me was the depth of connection that was made with my fellow participants who I now see as close Calling Companions and friends – we held each other’s hands and touched each other’s hearts, (even though my experience was online) – it was pure magic.

    My main reason for doing The Calling when I did was to support my goal to move to Spain, at the time it seemed like a bit of a pipe dream that was never going to happen, despite being something my partner and I had talked about for several years – the pandemic stopped us in our tracks – a trial trip turned out to be ultra challenging and I felt deflated, questioning our decision. Jump forward less than one year later here I am in Lorca Spain typing this with a lump in my throat – we did it and we have such an amazing adventure ahead of us. Watch this space and see this lady dance flamenco in the red dress I always see when I tune in to the woman I am becoming. 😉 Ole!

    Just do it – be a part of Mairi’s magical journey I know it’s a cliche but it really will change your life and perspective on everything.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh My Goodness the tears of JOY are all mine & what an honour to walk beside you x
      I can’t wait for that Red Dress Dance x x x

  4. Having first met Mairi 10 years ago on a juicing workshop I was delighted to cross paths with her again during an online pamper day where she gave a wonderfully informative talk about menopause. This led to me joining a couple of Mairi’s online women’s circles and ultimately to me signing up for her programme ‘The Calling’.

    I’ve come to love being in space with other open hearted women and this was no exception. We journeyed together as Mairi introduced us to the 5 soft power types…the combination of regular zooms, podcasts to listen to and a Facebook group to share and stay connected to each other worked really well. As the weeks progressed I found myself with an ever increasing awareness of disempowering patterns of behaviour that I was able to replace with new improved ways of showing up in life – not just for myself but with my family and friends too.
    If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated because you know there’s a better way of living your life I would highly recommend Mairi to hold space and guide you forwards.

    1. I’m so glad our paths crossed again and that you continue to share your light with the world x x x

  5. I first met Mairi on a Goddess Retreat in Glastonbury, and boy I am glad that I did! Attending her “Gather The Women” and “The Calling” groups has literally changed my life. I no longer recognise the stressed, uptight bitter girl that started that journey. In her place stands a content, happy and more easy going (still some way to go until I’m completely relaxed!) women who is not afraid to stand in her power through healing and knowing which power type to call on and in which scenario.

    I’m pleased to say that this superwoman has retired! It is all down to being held by Mairi and a group of lovely, supportive and likeminded ladies. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so held before and the candles, cards and spiritdance will lift any weary soul! I cannot wait to continue my journey with Mairi and I’m blessed that she found her way into my life!

    Thank you Mairi, you rockstar! x

    1. Sarah I too am so glad we met in Glastonbury and to be able to walk with you and see the Sarah emerge who is now holding space, coaching & guiding others to find their true selves too. Keep shining and sharing x

  6. They say people come into your life at the right time for a reason… well this is certainly the case with Mairi! I feel so grateful and blessed to have met Mairi at a time in I’m life where I felt I needed to delve deep inside of me, where the unhealed parts of me were crying out for attention and keeping me stuck. I started with Mairi’s beautiful cacao ceremonies and then immersed myself in the 22 day Gather the Women programme with Mairi as our amazing guide. I always feel safe and held with Mairi. Every woman should gift themselves time to complete Gather the Women. For me it was so empowering, enlightening and enriching. Mairi is an inspiration to us all to live life our own way.
    Thank you Mairi and I look forward to continuing working with you ❤️

  7. I’ve been working with Mairi now for around 18 months, initially for her amazing aromatherapy massages, where she comes up with a unique blend especially for your needs, they are an absolute dream to receive.

    I joined Mairi’s coaching group “the calling” last October, it has been a fantastic group to be apart of, learning different power types to embrace and re connect with myself which has brought about confidence and new skills which empower me and have helped me to let go of the superwoman hussle mentality that is embedded in most of everyday society.

    The bond shared with the other other ladies also participating has been like nothing I have ever experienced previoulsy, a really special place where you can feel heard, seen and held.

    Mairi has created a really warm and supportive enviroment to help you to grow as an indvidual and shares so many useful tools to help you progress at your own pace. I highly recommend the calling coaching circe for anyone who feels a little bit stuck or disconnected in their life and wants to find their way back to a fulfilling and joyful way of living.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful energy & testimonial – it’s been an absolute pleasure to see you blossom x

  8. I’ve known Mairi for a few years now… she is my one-stop shop for massages, oils, cacao ceremonies, crystals… I could go on and on!

    Last week I completed her 22-day Gather the Women and what an amazing experience the whole journey was… it was the perfect gift for the start of 2022.

    I’ve learnt and gained so much over the last few weeks… and I loved it all! The four weekly sister circles with the other ladies, just holding space for each other to share and be heard… we laughed, cried, danced and sang. The daily rituals really just help to highlight the importance of time for you, giving yourself some much-needed time out of your day to just pause, breathe, reflect… whatever is needed.

    I’m so pleased and blessed to have someone like Mairi in my life as a guide and friend… and there truly is magic sitting in circle at The Wee Hoose!

    Thank you so much Mairi xxx

    1. What a gift you have given yourself Jo as we step into 2022 – so blessed to walk beside you – and here’s to future adventures sister circles & true self care x

  9. I have just completed Mairi’s ‘Gather The Women‘ program and wanted to share my experience with you. For me, it was the perfect balance of accountability and motivation as I followed the 22 day rituals and the weekly circle meetings. To be part of a group of women who, like me, have been looking to look a little deeper into who we really are, has been utterly joyous! I loved every day of it! I have taken time to be with the girl I was, appreciate the woman I am now and very excited to grow into the the woman I am yet to become. This is a beautiful journey, I can’t recommend it enough, in fact, I have friends signing up later this year!

    If you are looking at joining Mairi with any of her events or programs – just do it! Put the self doubt and worry behind you – we all need Mairi in our lives! XxXx

    1. Oh my Goodness what a beautiful reflection of this work & all we came to be x x x
      Thank you for your sharing the love x

  10. I have known Mairi for almost 5 years and have enjoyed everything I have done with her over this time. However, I have recently completed the Nov 2021 Gather The Women programme with her – and it was brilliant! I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, all I really knew was that I wanted to sip cacao with Mairi. This programme was complete serendipity (these unexpected finds are often the best). It was exactly what I needed at this time when I have been presented with a number of life choices. I have spent the last 22 days exploring and making peace with the past, the present and the future versions of myself, now all gathered and all happy, looking forward to whatever the next chapter of life brings. Thank you Mairi.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your insights & beautiful experiences – it was a joy to hold this space for you x

  11. This wonderful 21 day cacao ceremony – full immersion. Has led to some beautiful connections & alignments. Using the healing ceremonial cacao Mairi gently guided us to delayer, immerse, question, honour and absorb. Allowing the answers to arrive at exactly the right moment.
    It was perfect timing for this alignment to work on the healer and teacher within.
    Thank you Mairi xxx

  12. I have just finished the 22 day Gathering the women program with Mairi, and what an amazing experience it has been! It’s opened a whole new chapter in my life. What I discovered in the meditations about myself has let me move on in a few things where my life was stuck. I now feel calmer and more confident as a result.
    On top of that, the lovely daily activities don’t take much of your time and give you that pause that you didn’t know you needed so much. And there’s always the freedom to do them when and how you feel inspired or have time.
    If what you are looking for is just gifting yourself 22 days with a lovely gift to yourself every day, don’t doubt Mairi is your woman and Gathering the women is your program.
    If what you are looking for is a breakthrough in your life, don’t hesitate, Mairi is also your woman.
    If what you are looking for is some connection with other women like you, ask Mairi!

    1. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful journey & making the breakthroughs that will support you in the next chapter of your life.

  13. What Mairi offers is something really unique, that allows you the time to get in touch with your inner emotions and connect on a deeper level to what you need to hear. Having the space and guidance from Mairi to tap into this was a revelation for me. Highly recommended.

  14. I had such a wonderful time and am delighted to have been given the opportunity to have been part of Gather the Women for a 22 day immersion into myself. It came at such a perfect time in my life with the opportunity to be with the girl I used to be, the woman I am now and the woman I am yet to become. The meditations were beautiful and I have used the activities to further delve into my deeper thoughts. Holding space with other women was enlightening and incredible. I highly recommend joining Mairi on any of her events to really give yourself the chance to stop and regather the woman you are going to become. Missing our group now.
    Much love Angela xx

    1. The pleasure was all mine & thank you for sharing so openly & honestly as we travelled through the ceremonies & daily rituals x
      Much Love x

  15. Thank you Mairi from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to join Gather the Women. It has been an amazing immersive experience, journeying through the three aspects of myself: – the girl I used to be, the women I am now and the woman I am yet to become.

    Taking a little time out each day to complete the rituals, was like a gift to myself and at the end of the 22 days I felt a real inner calm with what I had experienced. Even though I am not yet sure who I am to become, I am excited to see how it all unfolds.

    I am so happy I get your ‘kinda crazy’ and am blessed to have you in my life.

    1. Thank you for trusting me on this journey & it was a real pleasure to spend such quality time with you x
      Much love x

  16. Gathering the 3 aspects of myself was eye opening and rewarding. Understanding the girl I was and looking back at the many facets of myself has started to give me more direction towards the woman I am becoming

  17. Mairi where can I begin to thank you? After seeing me at a huge low point this year you very kindly gifted me with a space on your Gather the women journey. I needed this so much more than I realised and I’m so pleased I was open to receiving at that time, or I wouldn’t be where I am now. I got so much from my meditations with the girl I used to be, the woman I am now and the woman I am yet to become. All of the carefully selected activities and invitations to explore myself were just what I needed without even realising it. I totally recommend this journey to all women who feel they need some extra support, want to feel held or just to help on your self development journey. With the releasing of old baggage, coming to terms with what is and the excitement of what is to come, I have a positive attitude towards my future regardless of what’s going on externally. Thank you thank you thank you Mairi, you are wonderful ❤

    1. I am just so thankful that you accepted & received the gift with an open heart & curious mind & look forward to watching you RISE!
      Much love x

  18. I’ve connected with the Fab~u~lous~ness that is Mairi Taylor in ceremony, on a 1:1 and as part of the 22 day immersion “Gather The Women” and will continue to walk beside her as my mentor…Initially inspired by her menopause workshop I got to appreciate her truth and kind of crazy . Mairi is the most genuine, grounded and inspiring teacher of “how to do this thing called life”. I’ve been able to connect to the girl I used to be and offer her unconditional love, honour the woman I am now for her grit and determination, and be totally uplifted by the woman I am yet to become, the wise woman ~ and I know she’s going to be bloody awesome. Thank you for holding me with recognition and helping me to recognise her worth ❤ And the opportunity to share space with other incredible women

    1. It’s been an absolute pleasure to walk beside you as you navigate this transitional phase of your life with such an open heart & curious mind.
      Much love x

  19. Thank you for holding such a beautiful space Mairi. I throughly enjoyed being part of Gather the women. It gave me the space that I needed to really nurture myself. I felt heard and held and connected. You truly are amazing

    1. Thank you so much for gifting yourself the time and space you deserved to replenish when you are serving so many women.

  20. …who knew that there are like minded ladies out there . I get Mairi’s ‘kinda crazy’ and feel honoured to have been invited into the circle. My most recent embrace with Mairi was Gather the Women. A thoughtful few weeks, no pressure, just allowing you to be you. With a wonderful host and equally wonderful fellow gathers, all wise, sharing and inviting…I know this is just the beginnings of my journey. Highly recommended

  21. Being part of Gather the Women with Mairi touched something deep inside of me which longs for a community of women. Mairi held the space beautifully, with a loving energy and created a magical online space which I’m already missing! It takes someone special to hold a group like that. What a beautiful, opening to yourself experience.

    1. Than you so much for trusting me to Hold the Space for you xxx
      I look forward to future gatherings x

  22. Mairi is a saintly human being…. She holds just the perfect space to give you just what you need and just at the right time. Her knowledge and understanding is phenomenal and her professionalism is perfect. But, in every treatment and consultation I have had with Mairi, her true heart shines through. She is a guiding light for all those things that you never new would work for you. Thank you for your continued advice ❤️

  23. Thank you for the care and attention you poured into my beautiful bracelet, and for responding to my need for the perfect combination of crystals and essential oils. This was a true gift delivered in beautiful packaging in a time of my life where fresh start and new beginnings are just what is needed ☺️

    1. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to honour each woman for the unique & wonderful being she is.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. x x

  24. I ordered the most gorgeous crystal anklet (need to be bare below elbows for work) from Mairi, and I most certainly wasn’t disappointed. Very fast delivery, it came perfectly and carefully wrapped. I was so happy that I put it on straight away and was dancing around my apartment like a 5 year old! Thank you so much Mairi for the beautiful anklet and your amazing service. You are such a beautiful soul and I hope to join one of your women’s gathering sessions soon

    1. My absolute pleasure to create something bespoke for you, and to know it brought you so much pleasure xxx
      Here’s to Gathering the Women x

  25. I signed up to Mairi’s 12 week transformation programme and what a transformation it has been. Every week her coaching and guidance helped me to go on a journey of understanding myself more and more. It truly was like coming home. I absolutely love the “One of Many” woman’s power types, so insightful and really practical to translate my needs into everyday life whist aiming to keep balanced. What is more, I was left with incredible tools and materials to support me going forwards.

    Mairi has such incredible in depth knowledge on menopause, she has taught me how to learn about myself and challenge what is not right (like my biochemistry). She went at my pace, she heard every word I said and took me on a journey of self-discovery that I know looking back, I am a much happier person because of working with her. She is super lovely and caring too, highly recommend!

    1. It was an absolute pleasure to walk with you on this journey.
      I look forward to hearing how your next chapter unfolds……

  26. Mairi helped me gain clarity on exactly what I wanted to work on in our 12 week journey together on the introductory transformation programme. I felt heard and held as we worked through some stuff I had carried with me for years. You just know when someone ‘gets’ you and you can just be yourself and trust that you can fully express your thoughts without fear of judgement. With just the right amount of challenging questions to interrupt my old thought patterns and devoted listening it was my privilege to work with Mairi, as a coach myself I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.

    1. It was an absolute pleasure to hold this space for you and I look forward to hearing how your next chapter unfolds…..

  27. I contacted Mairi for her expert opinion and guidance on some post menopausal symptoms I was having.

    Chatting with her was incredibly helpful and insightful. Mairi is a great listener and put me at ease about the concerns I had.

    Mairi gave me great advice and recommended one of the beautiful DoTerra oils, Zendocrine, which I am now using as part of my daily self care.

    Mairi is a wise woman with a lot of compassion, knowledge and, well, just all-round loveliness ❣️❣️

    If you’re stuck in ‘menopausal madness’ give this Rockstar chick a call, she’s awesome ❣️ ❣️

    1. Thank you Julie for trusting me with your wellbeing and supporting your Menopause Life x
      Let’s Rock it together.

  28. Hello,
    First time in my life I had the opportunity to take a part in The New Moon Cacao ceremony and I loved it. Mairi made the experience incredible. I loved the fact that I could connect with other amazing women and had the time to switch off and connect with myself. I am usually too busy to pause so it was perfect for me. Definitely worth attending.

    Thank you so much
    Aggy x

  29. I have been working with Mairi for 8 weeks now. Weekly she has walked me through the soft power types and it has been a really humbling journey.
    The majority of my life I was fed so many restricting beliefs about being woman and now as I step into the perimenopause phase and stage to be able to connect with the depth and diversity of self is so supportive.
    I had already worked with Mairi when the perimenopause first appeared so I knew her work with that,
    But the wholeness of the power types work is this beautiful journey of honouring woman, drawing in the aspects of self, that can help, support and of one aspect is over our under-expressed understanding the effects this has and how to come to a place of balance with the energy.
    Working with Mairi is an absolute pleasure, each week she has opened my eyes to a new aspect, and I am so thankful to be discovering the depth of self with her.
    Holding space, having fun, laughing, crying, exploring, learning and feeling nurtured and nourished.
    There’s a depth to the work that I have always resonated with.
    Shamanic work was my home for deep transformation and ‘leaning in’. Here I lean in each week and feel blessed to be doing so.
    To come home to the power of woman, to feel the ripples in my life as I integrate this energy.
    Thank you so much for this sacred journey Mairi, thank you

    1. I am so thankful for women like yourself who trust their wellbeing in my hands. It’s been an absolute honour to see, hear and feel you step into your power x A’ho x

  30. It was a treat to speak with Mairi today! She is kind and knowledgeable, and she gave me some good suggestions/ideas that I will be implementing immediately. Thanks Mairi!

    1. My absolute pleasure. I look forward to hearing how the suggestions you have chosen support you
      Be FABulous x
      Mairi x

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