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Don’t keep Mairi to yourself, for those of you who have enjoyed and benefitted from working with Mairi please let others know so that they can benefit too! After all we all deserve to be powered by crystals, oils and juice!

21 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. It was a treat to speak with Mairi today! She is kind and knowledgeable, and she gave me some good suggestions/ideas that I will be implementing immediately. Thanks Mairi!

    • My absolute pleasure. I look forward to hearing how the suggestions you have chosen support you
      Be FABulous x
      Mairi x

  2. I have been working with Mairi for 8 weeks now. Weekly she has walked me through the soft power types and it has been a really humbling journey.
    The majority of my life I was fed so many restricting beliefs about being woman and now as I step into the perimenopause phase and stage to be able to connect with the depth and diversity of self is so supportive.
    I had already worked with Mairi when the perimenopause first appeared so I knew her work with that,
    But the wholeness of the power types work is this beautiful journey of honouring woman, drawing in the aspects of self, that can help, support and of one aspect is over our under-expressed understanding the effects this has and how to come to a place of balance with the energy.
    Working with Mairi is an absolute pleasure, each week she has opened my eyes to a new aspect, and I am so thankful to be discovering the depth of self with her.
    Holding space, having fun, laughing, crying, exploring, learning and feeling nurtured and nourished.
    There’s a depth to the work that I have always resonated with.
    Shamanic work was my home for deep transformation and ‘leaning in’. Here I lean in each week and feel blessed to be doing so.
    To come home to the power of woman, to feel the ripples in my life as I integrate this energy.
    Thank you so much for this sacred journey Mairi, thank you

    • I am so thankful for women like yourself who trust their wellbeing in my hands. It’s been an absolute honour to see, hear and feel you step into your power x A’ho x

  3. Hello,
    First time in my life I had the opportunity to take a part in The New Moon Cacao ceremony and I loved it. Mairi made the experience incredible. I loved the fact that I could connect with other amazing women and had the time to switch off and connect with myself. I am usually too busy to pause so it was perfect for me. Definitely worth attending.

    Thank you so much
    Aggy x

  4. I contacted Mairi for her expert opinion and guidance on some post menopausal symptoms I was having.

    Chatting with her was incredibly helpful and insightful. Mairi is a great listener and put me at ease about the concerns I had.

    Mairi gave me great advice and recommended one of the beautiful DoTerra oils, Zendocrine, which I am now using as part of my daily self care.

    Mairi is a wise woman with a lot of compassion, knowledge and, well, just all-round loveliness ❣️❣️

    If you’re stuck in ‘menopausal madness’ give this Rockstar chick a call, she’s awesome ❣️ ❣️

    • Thank you Julie for trusting me with your wellbeing and supporting your Menopause Life x
      Let’s Rock it together.

  5. Mairi helped me gain clarity on exactly what I wanted to work on in our 12 week journey together on the introductory transformation programme. I felt heard and held as we worked through some stuff I had carried with me for years. You just know when someone ‘gets’ you and you can just be yourself and trust that you can fully express your thoughts without fear of judgement. With just the right amount of challenging questions to interrupt my old thought patterns and devoted listening it was my privilege to work with Mairi, as a coach myself I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.

    • It was an absolute pleasure to hold this space for you and I look forward to hearing how your next chapter unfolds…..

  6. I signed up to Mairi’s 12 week transformation programme and what a transformation it has been. Every week her coaching and guidance helped me to go on a journey of understanding myself more and more. It truly was like coming home. I absolutely love the “One of Many” woman’s power types, so insightful and really practical to translate my needs into everyday life whist aiming to keep balanced. What is more, I was left with incredible tools and materials to support me going forwards.

    Mairi has such incredible in depth knowledge on menopause, she has taught me how to learn about myself and challenge what is not right (like my biochemistry). She went at my pace, she heard every word I said and took me on a journey of self-discovery that I know looking back, I am a much happier person because of working with her. She is super lovely and caring too, highly recommend!

    • It was an absolute pleasure to walk with you on this journey.
      I look forward to hearing how your next chapter unfolds……

  7. I ordered the most gorgeous crystal anklet (need to be bare below elbows for work) from Mairi, and I most certainly wasn’t disappointed. Very fast delivery, it came perfectly and carefully wrapped. I was so happy that I put it on straight away and was dancing around my apartment like a 5 year old! Thank you so much Mairi for the beautiful anklet and your amazing service. You are such a beautiful soul and I hope to join one of your women’s gathering sessions soon

    • My absolute pleasure to create something bespoke for you, and to know it brought you so much pleasure xxx
      Here’s to Gathering the Women x

  8. Thank you for the care and attention you poured into my beautiful bracelet, and for responding to my need for the perfect combination of crystals and essential oils. This was a true gift delivered in beautiful packaging in a time of my life where fresh start and new beginnings are just what is needed ☺️

    • Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to honour each woman for the unique & wonderful being she is.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. x x

  9. Mairi is a saintly human being…. She holds just the perfect space to give you just what you need and just at the right time. Her knowledge and understanding is phenomenal and her professionalism is perfect. But, in every treatment and consultation I have had with Mairi, her true heart shines through. She is a guiding light for all those things that you never new would work for you. Thank you for your continued advice ❤️

  10. Being part of Gather the Women with Mairi touched something deep inside of me which longs for a community of women. Mairi held the space beautifully, with a loving energy and created a magical online space which I’m already missing! It takes someone special to hold a group like that. What a beautiful, opening to yourself experience.


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