Let your LOVE FLOW

Handmade bracelets with Unakite, Sunstone, Carnelian & Chrysocolla to help you to let your love grow.

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  • Unakite – Supporting the realising of past blockages by supporting the reframing of past life healing, being in the present & accepting the past. Said to connect the base & heart chakras allowing you to move forward from your heart.
  • Sunstone – Increases self worth and confidence, which in turn allows your love to grow. Said to increase optimism & enthusiasm, helping to lift dark moods & even supporting seasonal despondency. It can also be useful for removing those energetic hooks that others can put in us that stop us feeling free & draining our energy.
  • Carnelian – Helps us feel more vital & awake. Is said to be a powerful protector against envy, rage & resentment, calming anger & banishing emotional negativity, replacing it with a love of life
  • Chrysocolla – Calms, cleanses & reenergises all chakras. It is said to support the reversing of destructive emotional programming increasing your capacity to love. It helps impart confidence & sensitivity, enhancing personal power & inspires creating, alleviating guilt & bringing in joy.

Time to let your love flow.​

Please add your essential oils to the black lava beads and enjoy the benefits of your oil.​

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