Feminine Power

Handmade bracelets with Moonstone, Pink Zebra Jasper, Labradorite and Grey Agate to bring forth your feminine power.

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  • Moonstone – Female energy, filling you with femininity, elegance & sexual confidence. It may offer spiritual energy that promotes a balance between the mind & the heart, helping you to connect with your softer side & may soothe & balance your emotions. You can learn to trust your intuition, have better discernment, & have insightful perceptions. It may also help you from wearing yourself out.
  • Pink Zebra Jasper – Said to bring contentment. It is known as the anti-apathy stone because it promotes optimism even in difficult times. This a stone of balance, serving to balance all parts of the being, including the masculine & feminine aspects of each person, the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects, & the chakras.
  • Labradorite – Believed to be a highly mystical & protective stone, deflecting unwanted energies. It may raise consciousness & connect you with universal energies.
  • Grey Agate – Believed to be a grounding stone, bringing emotional, physical & intellectual balance. It may helps you find solutions to your problems & release your fears through a newfound inner strength.

Ladies we’ve got this!

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