The FABmot was designed to enable you time to step off the merry go round called life & gift yourself the time to check in with yourself and ensure all is WELL as you get to meet your FABulous 5 SoftPower Types.

The FABmot was created to provide you with that much needed touch base with yourself to ensure that you are living your best life fully empowered and educated to be an informed consumer. It is my opportunity to bring all my learning and insights to you so that you can choose what you need to support your wellbeing.

Just like we have our car MOT’d every year I believe we should also have our bodies and lifestyle MOT’d too. 

The only constant in our life is change and so how great would it be to have an annual, bi-annual, quarterly touch base to check in with yourself, allow me to hold the mirror up, invite you to be your own detective and give yourself time off the merry go round to check in, review and recharge.

Serious about your Hormone Health? I am partnering with The Holistic Pharmacist Jolanta A Addicott to bring you the Gold Standard in Hormone Testing “The Dutch Test” you can connect with Jolanta by clicking on the button below:

The FABmot Package


A 60 minute lifestyle consultation acting as a catalyst for change – you simply need to check in with yourself and reset your goals. This is for those that know what to do, they just need reminding, tweaking and resetting themselves £44:00 (worth £88:00) until December 31st 2021.


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